2019 – 2020 Oxford Africa Society Executive Committee Nominations

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We are excited to introduce you to the nominees for the 2019-2020 AfriSoc Executive Committee. These nominees will be at the Annual General Meeting on Saturday 15 June to participate in hustings and answer any questions members may have about their platform. Please ensure that you are a registered member in order to vote in the election. If you are not registered and would like to register, please submit your information for registration as an ordinary member here.

Nwamaka Ogbonna


Nomination: President, 2019-2020


I am an Mphil in Development Studies candidate at Lady Margaret Hall and I am contesting for the position of President of Afrisoc. I believe that my commitment to the society and leadership experience make me uniquely qualified to assume this role.

My agenda is based on four main priorities. The first is broadening the society’s agenda by

incorporating more economic, business and entrepreneurial issues into the society’s activities and programmes. The second is building a more people-focused community and network by increasing a sense of belonging for members before, during and after their time at Oxford through activities that make it easier for new members to acclimatize to Oxford; activities to promote culture-sharing and the strengthening of diaspora-continent bonds and leveraging the strength of the alumni for more catalytic impact.

The third priority is mainstreaming gender sensitivity in all programmes and activities of the society and ensuring it is devoid of all forms of sexual harassment and gender-based discrimination. The final priority is strengthening the institutional fabric of the society by establishing an alumni advisory board, a regional advisory committee and commissioning a constitutional review.

Serving as Vice President has provided me with unique insights into the strengths and possibilities of the society and I am convinced that my agenda is ambitious enough to propel the society to the next level.

 Curriculum Vitae

Okorafor Ikeagwu


Nomination: President, 2019-2020

Okorafor Ikeagwu, Wycliffe Hall, Theological Studies, 1st Year

As President, I would have 3 goals:

  1. Representation & Administration

After having represented Cherwell in many events within very strict ethical guidelines and participated in Oxford Union Library Committee (still participating), I aim to continue to not only represent AfriSoc members and AfriSoc within the University and regionally but manage AfriSoc within its democratic values and administer the constitutional By-laws. I recently represented Cherwell with Cherwell video team in Corpus Christi College Tortoise Fair.

  1. Engagement & Accessibility

Having built a private Roku Tv Channel and a Youtube Channel with video Poll for ACEING Oxford – a program of AfriSoc – as the PR & Marketing Coordinator, I seek to do the same for AfriSoc thereby increasing member engagement and accessibility to AfriSoc activities locally and globally.

  1. Sponsorship & Welfare

I have previously presided as Co-President of Student Supporting Street Kids University of Cambridge Branch (SSSK). I helped raise funds, create awareness within Cambridge University towards the welfare of NGOs worldwide sponsored by SSSK and organised events in support of the NGOs. I have experience of securing sponsorship from external stakeholders.

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Emmanuelle Afaribea Dankwa


Nomination: Treasurer 2019-2020

I am a first-year DPhil candidate in Statistical Science, a Rhodes Scholar and a member of St
Peter’s college. Having led in the management of accounts of a vibrant non-governmental
organization for a period of three and a half years, I have been equipped with vital technical and
leadership skills to serve in the capacity of treasurer of the Africa Society.
My proposed agenda for the financials of the Africa Society is two-fold:
1. The first plan is to upgrade the current process of applying for and authorizing transactions
to a more standard one. Such a process will enhance accountability by limiting the use of
the society’s funds to causes that are closely linked with its interests and vision.
2. Also, I plan to work toward decreasing the uncertainty around future cash flows by
exploring additional channels of sponsorship while ensuring the reliability of existing ones.
I believe that achieving success in the afore-mentioned areas is key to improving the financial
dynamics of the society, a cause to which I am highly committed.

Curriculum Vitae

Ingrid Viban


Nomination: General Secretary, 2019-2020

I would like to apply for the position of general secretary of the Oxford University Africa Society. I have a track record of being dedicated and hardworking and I am a great team player which is why I believe I will be a good addition to the executive board of the Oxford Africa Society. I believe that the society will provide me with the opportunities to create do things that I am passionate about; creating more opportunities for Africans to study at Oxford University and to create a more holistic and inclusive African society here in Oxford. Upon my arrival, I met incredibly friendly people in college and my department and later on in the Oxford African choir. Although, I felt comfortable and safe in my new space, joining the choir gave me something different. It reminded me of home. For me joining the African community sort of completed my experience, although some people have tried to convince me that I need to ride a bike for the complete oxford experience.

After joining the community of course came the 2019 Oxford Africa Conference which was organized by the committee. after attending the conference, I became all too aware of the privilege and responsibility I had to give back. Now every day, I think about all the people who came before and those who will come after me both here at the University of Oxford and in Africa. It is for this reason that I have chosen to run for the General Secretary of the Oxford University Africa Society. I would like to honour and give back to communities that have so generously given back to me.

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Matjie Lillian Maboya
Nomination: Social Secretary, 2019-2020

I am running for the position of social secretary because I would like to help inculcate an inclusive
spirit of pan-Africanism in the activities organised by the society. During my participation in the
AfriSoc events this year, I have witnessed a strong commitment by the team to build programmes
and events that speak to modern challenges in Africa, however I believe that it is also important
for students to connect with each other while at Oxford because this is one of the most powerful
networks that many of us will have. I would like to design programmes that tap into the internal
resources available within the pool of the members who are amazing individuals with a passion
for the continent. For example, I would like to organise events where through weekly story-telling,
one member can share their life story. This will help towards knowing each other better, and
igniting our passions, upon which we can hinge our friendships that will last us beyond our time
at Oxford. Activities such as these will build relationships among the members and reinforce the
other parallel programmes that invite external experts to share their knowledge with members.
Moreover, I would like to introduce a celebration of pan-Africanism among the members in a way
that helps Oxford to be a safe space that is a “home away from home” for them.