Call for Applications; Become a member of the 2019-2020 Committee

Posted by oxford on September 11, 2019 in Blog

The Oxford Africa Society is recruiting for the following positions:
● Vice President
● Heads, Scholarships and Access Committee (two persons)
● IT Officer

All applicants must:
● be matriculated students at the University of Oxford,
● be registered members of the Africa Society for 2019/2020
● have at least one full academic year remaining in Oxford after Michaelmas 2019/20
Incoming students are welcome to apply. If successful, positions shall be confirmed upon registration with the society and matriculation.

Application deadlines:
● Scholarships and Access Committee – Friday 20th September 2019
● Vice President – Friday, 18th October 2019

● IT officer – Friday, 18th October 2019

Application process:
● Send your 1-page CV and a 1-page Cover letter explaining your suitability, passion, and ideas for the position to: and copy
● Your email should have the following subject: Afrisoc – Application – [Position].
● All applications are due by noon (12:00PM) on the respective deadline.
● For the position of Vice President, applicants who meet the requirements will be evaluated, interviewed and the successful applicant will be appointed by the AfriSoc executive committee including our senior members through a process of cooptation.
● The Heads of the Scholarship and Access Committee (SAC) shall be appointed by the President

Description of positions
1. Vice President
The Vice President’s powers, duties, and responsibilities are outlined in the Constitution and include:
● To support the President in the day-to-day running of the Society
● Supervise at least two committee members
● Manage, strengthen and broaden the Society partnerships/relations within and outside Oxford

2. Heads, Scholarships and Access Committee (two persons)
● Lead the society’s mentorship programme by developing a strategy and implementation plan
● Lead the campaign for mentors, ensure proper matching and follow up with Mentors to ensure that the mentorship is ongoing
● Develop a strategy and implementation plan to guide the society’s scholarship and fund-raising efforts
● Establish relationships with stakeholders such as colleges, department, Alumni, national governments and corporations etc. to raise funds for Africans to study at Oxford
● Develop a strategy to increase the application fee waivers available to African applicants
● Administer questionnaire to both mentees and mentors once admission decisions are announced to assess the success of the programme
● Develop innovative and creative solutions to deepen the society’s work on access
● Build strategic partnerships with Universities and Institutions on the continent to promote the society’s mentorship programme
● Prepare a closing report at the end of the year to be shared with the incoming team

3. IT Officer
• Manage and maintain the Society’ s website and other technological assets of the society
• Work with the General Secretary to ensure that the website is constantly updated with relevant information
• Respond to breakdown/failure of technological assets as the need arises