The 2019 Oxford Africa Society Mentorship Programme

Posted by oxford on October 21, 2019 in Blog

Have you thought about applying to Oxford and want the chance to get guidance from Oxford students? Apply HERE for the Africa Society Mentorship Programme 2019.

One of the primary objectives of the University of Oxford’s Africa Society is to increase the number of African students at the University of Oxford. The Africa Society is a student-run organization, offering support to African students at Oxford and seeking to foster the development of a stimulating, comfortable and familiar space for Africans at Oxford. In part, the Society aims to achieve this by broadening the opportunities of access for talented African students. To this end, a select number of prospective applicants from Africa will be assisted by a mentor during their application process.

Applicants will be matched with a fellow African student who has studied or is currently studying at Oxford in the same academic area. The mentorship is tailored for the Oxford application process, but what you learn will also be relevant for applications at other top UK universities.

What the programme offers:

  1. A mentor of similar regional background and/or in similar field of study
  2. Review of application documents
  3. Support with questions about the academic programmes in Oxford
  4. Advice on securing funding
  5. First-hand insight into what to expect from living and studying in Oxford

What the programme does not offer:

  1. Filling application forms on behalf of a mentee
  2. Writing essays
  3. Payment of application fees
  4. Funding
  5. Guarantee of an offer of a place
  6. Binding feedback on your application

Programme Structure:

The programme will be split into four sessions, each covering specific aspects of the application process. Sessions will take the form of video/phone calls, whenever possible. Mentees are expected to submit relevant documentation seven days prior to the session to allow the mentor to review the application material. Mentors may choose to email written feedback on the day of each session.

Dates for sessions to be confirmed.

Session 1: Introduction [no documentation to be submitted]

This session will allow the mentee and mentor to get to know each other, and allow the mentor to introduce the application process. This session will also provide a platform for mentees to ask questions about the application process.

Session 2: CVs and reference letters

In this session the mentor and mentee will discuss a draft of the mentee’s CV and speak about the importance of reference letters and how to manage referees.

Session 3: Writing a personal statement

In this session the mentor and mentee will discuss a draft of the mentee’s personal statement.

Session 4: Funding

In this session, the specific requirements of various scholarship applications will be discussed. Mentees are expected to have already identified scholarships for which they are eligible. List of scholarships can be found here.

If you would be interested in applying to be a part of this mentorship programme, click here to apply.

NB: You can send your application for the mentorship programme on either 28 October 2019 or 18 November 2019.

Important: Note that neither the Africa Society nor any of its mentors can take any responsibility for the success or otherwise of a mentee’s application.