Welfare Officer

Annette Riziki

Annette Riziki is a Congolese-Canadian with an Honors undergraduate degree in Psychology and Sociology, from the University of Manitoba. Riziki’s work has focused on understanding the trajectories of refugees in Canada, from an individual and institutional perspective. Through this role, she has devised ways of approaching erudition from a humanitarian lens. This is seen in her research work and volunteer experience with different immigration organizations around the city of Winnipeg, Manitoba. Such as, ICE sector table that addresses a multitude of challenges immigrants face from racism to campaigns encouraging immigrants to participate in voting. Currently, Riziki is reading for a Master of Science in Education (child development). Although, one would argue that her passion for children is the main reason she is in this program. She hopes to work with minority children within the educational sector and create opportunities and programs that promote not only their cognitive but overall development. Riziki spends her free time singing, baking different types of loaves and trying to understand humanity.